The New Design Congress looks to the future by confronting the gap between society’s understanding of what appears to be happening and what is actually happening in today’s digital systems.

New Design Congress now works with universities, internet subcultures, at-risk communities, companies, non-profits, environmentalists, policy makers and technologists to produce ambitious alternative forks: new paradigms for digital identity, digital information and integrity, digital economic self-sovereignty and digital climate intervention. In looking to the past and identifying and including voices of those who have thus far been excluded, our work will produce robust, real-world methods and tools for intervening in societal hotspots before they become raging wildfires. Our work speaks for itself: investment in New Design Congress is an investment in daring solutions built on solid foundations that embrace complexity and resilience to inform positive change.

If you believe that digital systems must change, join us and share in creating these solutions.

Becoming an Organisation Member

We have an ambitious roadmap beyond 2022, and we need our Organisation Members to play a major role in supporting our research roadmap. Our Organisation Memberships are suitable for companies, non-profits and other entities who are registered as businesses, charities, collectives or have other formal structures. Our Individual Memberships are not available for organisations.

We have three Membership levels for companies and other organisations:

Membership Level Monthly Yearly
For small teams and non-profits
aligned with our mission.
€480 €5,500 (-5%)
Organisation Plus
For larger companies who
share our ambitions.
€1,995 €22,900 (-5%)
A selfless contribution that supports an ambitious
and optimistic play for the future of society
and the planet.
€4,550 €49,900 (-9%)

All Organisation Members get early access to research notes, reports and essays, and beta access to new NDC tools, as well as guestlist invites to NDC-hosted IRL events and livestreams.

Organisation Plus and VIP members get additional perks, including:

  • Quarterly updates on core focus and strategy.
  • Twice-year opportunity to request Research Notes as focused consultations with our team.
  • Prioritised feature requests on New Design Congress software tools.
  • Grateful acknowledgement alongside all work published during the support period.

Ready to do this?

Organisation Memberships are considered donations and in some circumstances are tax deductible.  To begin, please contact us with an expression of interest in joining as an Organisation Member. For more general information about deductibility, visit our fiscal sponsor, Superbloom.

See Individual NDC Memberships